Npk Training Sessions.

Nottingham Parkour has been the leading community in the city since 2005, organising training days, meetings, events and helping to direct and teach new and young athletes in the right way.

The community in Nottingham is varied, the age group engaging in the discipline ranges from around 13-30, though the majority of practitioners are in their teens and early twenties. There is a real sense of camaraderie in training at the weekly jams, everyone is friendly and welcoming and willing to help anyone to develop their skills.

Ask any of the regulars and they’ll tell you that respect is given to those who put in effort, try hard and who are dedicated more so than anyone who is naturally gifted or is a part timer.

We do ask that people are the age of 13 or above to join practising with us. The reason for this is you need a mature mental attitude and understanding of how to train and use the body without being too risky. You should be responsible for your own actions, your safety and the ones around you. You have to be able to get yourself to and from town on your own as the main group does split from time to time into smaller groups.

The weekly training sessions are on average from 1pm onwards. Most people finish training at 5pm although some finish earlier, free to come and go as you please.

Please be aware that when the weather is bad or unpredictable less people will attend the training sessions in extreme weather conditions. The group fluctuates from week to week and we take no responsibility for sessions being cancelled or people do not attend the prearranged meetings/events.

If you want to be fully up to date with all the events and what is going off in the community then please keep an eye on the Nottingham Parkour Facebook.


Saturday Open Training Session.

Our weekly open training sessions are for people of all ages, levels and abilities to join and take part regardless of being a total beginner, intermediate or a more advanced traceur. Practitioners of all levels of experience are on hand, to give advise if needed. This session is a great way to meet other traceur’s, keep fit and have fun all free of charge.

People meet at the Crowne Plaza training spot at 1pm and proceed to warm up there before moving to other locations shortly afterwards, so arrive on time if you want to join and don’t want to miss us and training.


Sunday Parkour Park Training.

You will find if you visit the Parkour park, located in Bulwell Sunday from 2pm onwards you will more than likely come across people training there if weather is nice. If you want to enquire who is out you can always post in the park group which everyone used to communicate specifically about training at the park. If you need help on how to get there or want to know more about the park, all can be found HERE.


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