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Npk – September Eleven Seventeen.


Another video from the Autumn, when some practitioners went adventuring around outer city centre areas. Beckhampton and Rise Park are the places featured within this video. Great places to visit, whether you are local or not.

Npk – September 4th 2016.



Another day video from the 4th September. A Sunday afternoon when we went training in the Bulwell suburbs for the day, with a few clips thrown in from another training session at the sand bunker.



Npk – August 13th Video.



It’s been a very LONG time, since any media has been dropped by Nottingham Parkour…

A quick day jam video from earlier in the year, August 13th to be precise. When some of the community went adventuring to the canal and Meadows for the afternoon. Damon had his demons with some of the jumps (as seen within the video) and featuring an array of other practitioners, brief or otherwise…



This video materialized due to much of the footage being saved for a bigger, year video. However, in the end it seemed easier to break all the footage into smaller videos, even if they will be a bit behind , initial date wise. So more videos to come over the coming festive period.


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