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Npk – September Eleven Seventeen.


Another video from the Autumn, when some practitioners went adventuring around outer city centre areas. Beckhampton and Rise Park are the places featured within this video. Great places to visit, whether you are local or not.


Npk – September 22nd, 2007.



A day video, from some of the footage collected from Saturday 22nd of September 2007. There was bits of training here and there throughout the day, with lots of messing about too. We were randomly given loads of food to eat after an office across the road had, had a buffet for a meeting but had loads left over so we were offered it, rather than it getting binned and wasted.



The intro of Jak was inspired when he and Brownie were play fighting in the leaves, then he was filmed throwing some leaves above him and then reversed that scene to make it look more like a power up scene from Dragonball Z. The scaffolding surrounding the ‘houses’ offices provided us with new lache and pole swinging challenges. It was also perfect for muscle ups too. we had a newly build area too, which we called ‘red rails’ for obvious reasons…

Nottingham to Leicester.



Filmed when some of Npk community went on a spontaneous jam to Leicester on November 18th, 2006. Footage from the day was sparse, as everyone was too busy training, rather then filming. Plus it was too cold to stand around for too long without ceasing up and feeling the cold. The video from the day can be seen below.



It was a really great day of training in a new environment and with another community. Having plenty of fresh challenges, not to mention good to see all of the Leicester guys again as well. A full version of the day’s account from Zade [1] can be read on his blog from his perspective.


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