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Fatboy Parkour.




A video by an old timer practitioner Damo (Previously Jaws) in the land of Nottingham Parkour, who practised after Jump London for a few years. hen vanished from the scene like many de when adult life hits them, before resurfacing he last few years. Below a video he has made of himself, showing us that Parkour isn’t just for the stick thin, super fit athletes amongst us…




Sunday School.




A day video from September 24th, 2017. Featuring David, Jack, Kezza, Patryk, Zade and a special guest appearance from Ash Evsy. Training at a newly found school, which had pkenty to do there forfor a whole day!

A fantastic day of jumping, breaking barriers and fun trying to synchronise movements for one shot takes. As well as trying to be creative with filming angles. Oh, and a little patience from everyone doing various take after take…

Needless to say, everyone that wasn’t already tried, was after this day! Bonus points for the sun gracing it’s presence for us the day of training.



Parkour Park Jumpin’




A day video from Patryk, David and Zade training at the Nottingham Parkour park. A great place to visit for practitioners, local or other. There are always challenges to try for all levels of skill, even now many years later people are still finding new movements to do and pushing their boundaries.




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