Leicester – Bede Park gets a Parkour Park.

As of 24th September 2016. Leicester gets it’s very own Parkour park at Bede Park and callisthenics equipment. Some of the Npk community went down to the grand opening to check it out. If you live in close to it, it is well worth the visit.


Nottingham – Bulwell Forest Parkour Park Completion.

As of 29th June 2013 A Parkour park has been built at Bulwell Forest Recreation Ground. Put ‘53.000968,-1.180485’ into Google maps to bring up the exact location of the park. A great achievement for the Nottingham practitioners, lets hope this is the start of many more.

Bulwell Forest Parkour Park.


Trace: Light Night 2012.

Some members from the Npk community took part in the Trace project which was capturing images across Nottingham, Derby and UK within abandoned places and neglected urban sites using lighting strapped to the practitioners to produce some exciting results. They also took part in the Light Night 2012 Event on February 10th.


Kirkby-In-Ashfield Parkour Parks.

There has been two Parkour purpose built parks in Kirkby-In-Ashfield One is located at Kingsway Park and the other at Morven Park. A review of the parks and images can be seen on the link provided below.

Kirkby In Ashfield Parkour Parks.


Nottingham Parkour Park.

There has been various petitions for a park in Nottingham and now the council have finally decided to make one on Bulwell Forest

Newspaper article.


Newest Npk Video ‘Project Npk : Nottingham Movement’.

It’s been filmed over the past few months last year and this year. The runs are in areas we train at regularly and are of multiple people in sync.

Watch Project Npk : Nottingham Movement


Freemove Parkour Roadshow.

In April some of the guys from Npk attended the Freemove Parkour roadshow which was hosted in Birmingham. The aim of the event was to promote Parkour and the safe purpose built mobile Parkour setup they had brought with them. Making people and councils aware of how having a Parkour park built in cities would benefit everyone.

Watch Freemove Parkour Roadshow video.


Ickootu Photography.

Eleri from Ickootu photography came down for a photoshooot with the Npk community on 26th March ’11. To view her work with Npk and know more about her and the company use the links below.

Npk Photoshoot.

Ickootu Facebook.

Ickootu Website.


Jump Cut.

The second project from Trish using stop motion with Parkour movements while having lights & small LCDs strapped to the body which Npk is involved in.

Trish Youtube.


Left Lion Article.

Through being part of the Pipeline project Npk were features in February issue of LeftLion paper

Left Lion Feb ’11 Issue

Left Lion Interview with Trish.


Pipeline: They came running.

From Decemeber ’10 – February ’11 Npk took park in helping Trish with her project which involved having lights & small LCDs strapped to the body to produce long exposure photos while doing freerunning movements.

Trish Pictures.


Various new Npk clothing range.

Most will have seen Npk in the Splat Design now there are many new designs to choose from.

Npk Clothing.


Neil Butterworth & Wayne Robinson Photoshoot.

During April ’10 Neil & Wayne came to do a small photoshoot with Npk group.

Neil Butterworth facebook

Wayne Robinson facebook


Sport Relief – Parkour Workshop.

Some members from Npk team took part in helping out with Parkour workshop at Trent Bridge for Sport Relief. 21-03-10.


New Video Kezza Sampler.

For the people that have known kezza since he first started freerunning years ago he has progressed and came a long way since then. Have a watch of the video to make your own decision.

Kezza Sampler


Npk Photography.

The weather has picked up and so has the production of photography from Zade. All Photography can be seen on his Flickr account. As well as Npk Facebook which is updated regularly.


Happy new year.

Well another year is over and Npk would like to wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2010. May there be many more people come into Parkour / Freerunning.


Joost Van Slambrouck Photography.

During November & December ’09 we had been helping Joost with his photography project and letting him take photographs of the npk group. All of his work can be viewed below.

Joost Van Slambrouck Gallery 2009.


Jasmijn Decuyper Photography.

During November & December ’09 we had been helping Jasmijn with her photography project and letting her take photographs of the npk group all of her work can be viewed below.

Jasmijn Decuyper Gallery 2009


Parkour Teaching at Bulwell Academy.

Teaching a after school class for the pupils wanting to get into parkour / freerun. Being taught how to do things safely with the experience of npk traceurs.


Parkour Teaching at Ellis Guilford school.

A few of us spent the summer holidays of ’08 teaching parkour as a after school session at the Ellis Guilford school and ran for 6 weeks.


Various Photographers.

With the intake of university students each year, we always get asked to be part of student projects for photography or small films. We also get approached by various nottingham based photographers that we are happy to help out with some shots.

Mike Spencer Photo shoot

Joe Buxton Photo shoot

Presidium (Lloyd) Photo shoot


James Walker Parkour Journalistic Study

As part of a university project, James Walker carried out an journalistic study on the community and the end result was a detailed 7000 word article. Check it out below.

James Walker Parkour Presentation


Sanctuary Sport Newspaper Article

A small piece in a local university paper many thanks to Ahmad ‘Flx’ Jooma for this exposure as he was the one that got us in the paper.

Newspaper Article


BBC Parkour Article & News Piece

The first media piece about Parkour/Freerunning we did back when we had just started out and were finding our bearings.

We did some filming for the BBC for ‘East Midlands Today’ news as well as a online interview.

BBC Article


2005 Npk Community Formed

Just as NPK was formed as a community we also released our first video.


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