Npk Clothing.

These are the current clothing designs I have created for Npk to wear while out training. You can view them fully via the Npk Facebook.

If you are a regular at the Npk training sessions you will notice most people wearing them. You can also purchase one of the below designs on a T-shirt, Long sleeved tee, jumper, hoodie, Zip hoodie or jogging bottoms. Just have a word with me while I’m out training for more information. You can view the price list HERE.

T-shirt Clothing Designs.


Npk 'Jumpin' T-shirt. Photoshop Design.


Npk 'Slanted Npk logo'


Npk 'Dirty Tricker' T-shirt. It Reads: Dirty Tricker, Pure Aesthetics, Show-off Style, With added flips & Twists.


Npk 'Original Traceur' T-shirt. It Reads: The Original Traceur, Pure Parkour, Smooth Style, No added tricks.


Npk 'Roadkill' T-shirt.


Npk 'Broken Text' T-shirt. (Both text the same way).


Npk 'Broken Text' T-shirt. (Text the same way as Jogging bottoms).


Npk 'Words' T-shirt. (Front Design).


Npk 'Words' T-shirt. (Back Design).


Npk 'Splat' T-shirt.


Npk 'Ink Face' T-shirt.


Npk 'Barcode Strippers' T-shirt.


Npk 'Wavey Lines' T-shirt.


Npk 'Barcode' T-shirt.


Npk 'Npk Square' T-shirt.


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