What is NPK?

The Nottingham Parkour (Npk) is the official organisation for Parkour within the county. Dedicated to the correct teaching and responsible development of the discipline; made up and directed by the most experienced practitioners and instructors of Parkour in the area.

How do I join NPK?

Npk is a community of local practitioners. So all you have to do to be associated with Npk is attend regular jams and people will remember you and you’ll be associated more with the group long term.

Am I too young/old?

You’re never too young or old. Parkour is an individual activity… it is about your personal progression and it is free for all to practice, despite age, as you can adapt it to your personal goals or requirements.

We do ask that you are the age of 13 or above to join practising with us. As long as you can make your own way to town and back home. The reason for this is you need a understanding of how to train and use the body without being too risky.

When is training?

We train as a community each and every Saturday 1pm onwards, in all weather elements. We then train on average until 5pm.

Do these Saturday training sessions cost anything?

Nope. They are completely free of charge!

How many people attend on average?

It ranges any where from 6-15 people at the jams.

Are there instructors? What sort of sessions are these?

These sessions are freestyle and free roam meaning once you have met for training, you are free to practice what you want, where you want. More experienced practitioners are on hand to help teach people with the basics should you want help.

We move as a community group training in various areas, sharing tips on movements and encouraging others with their training as we go.

What shall I bring with me?

All you need is a pair of running trainers and an open mind to training. Obviously bring a bag of some sort to keep your possessions in with you an a bottle of water. You are free to bring some money with you for food when we pass shops or you can bring your own.

What shall I wear?

We advise people to wear loose fitting clothing such as jogging bottoms. NOT jeans or anything with tassels which will restrict movement or liable to get caught while practising. As far as trainers go, try to get some running trainers as these are light, padded an very good for parkour.

Is Parkour for guys only?

Not at all. Parkour can be practised by anybody. There are many practitioners worldwide, of very good standard, who are female. Here at Npk we have various female practitioners.

Do I need to be fit to practice Parkour?

Of course fitness will help you but it’s not a necessity as practising Parkour itself will build and develop your fitness. However, it is recommended that practitioners undertake forms of physical training to supplement their Parkour and to protect their bodies.

It looks dangerous, am I likely to injure myself whilst practising Parkour?

In its nature, Parkour can be dangerous, but so can crossing the road, driving your car, riding your bike, or walking down the street. Everything is dangerous, but the point is to minimize the dangers. You minimize such dangers as, for example, being hit by a car in a similar way you would minimize dangers in Parkour – you stay concentrated. We get dangerous when we lose concentration. Of course you can further your steps to minimizing danger by avoiding heights, particularly roofs – which are unnecessary anyway and only practising or doing things you are capable of.

Stay off roofs – we never take students onto roofs or heights out of their depth; we realise and know where the line is between challenging yourself and endangering yourself. Parkour should be practised on ground level.

Concentrate and stay awarewe avoid distractions to remain 100% concentrated. Focusing all of our efforts on what we’re doing.

Training correctly – no big jumps. There’s absolutely no need and this is not what Parkour is about. Jumping from heights is something your body will NOT be prepared for and will put it through unnecessary stress which could lead to possible long term damage.

Be respectful and mature – have respect for yourself by treating your body properly. Have respect for your environment by being careful when training and avoid damaging things. Have respect for the people in your environment, show courtesy and respect, be polite.

Respect laws of trespass. Never run away from owners, police or security guards, or go out with the aim of having them chase you – you’re wasting their time and earning a bad name for yourself and for Parkour.


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