Like any athletic activity, Parkour can be a dangerous activity and practising carries with it certain risks. Nottingham Parkour encourages its community members to practice safely within their capabilities and level of experience. If you are ever seriously having second thought about things take a step back. Start slow by keeping it low and watch the movements flow!



Involvement in dangerous sports/disciplines and related activities carries a significant risk of damage to property, personal injury and/or in some very rare cases even death. Participate at your own risk!


Parkour can be a dangerous discipline in the wrong hands. Great care should be taken whilst participating, and you should never out step your boundaries. Take things one step at a time start small and work on all your basic movements. Everything you do must be worked up to, to prevent injury. A good traceur knows their limitations. If you wish to learn the movements involved, please research Parkour fully or even ask someone more experienced then yourself to help you out with your training.

The information contained within assumes no liability or responsibility for YOUR actions that may occur whilst out practising Parkour. Therefore be warned that you must exercise your own judgement to protect yourself from the inherent risks and dangers.

We advise you do not use the information proposed on this web site unless you are fully aware of the possible consequences.

Thank you.


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