Nottingham Parkour (Npk) is dedicated to promoting the friendly, co-operative and non-competitive spirit in Parkour within the Nottingham region.

We are dedicated to teaching and displaying the discipline of Parkour in a correct and safe way. We also practice Freerunning, Tricking, and the more gymnastics/acrobatic movements at times too.

With experienced practitioners to help advise and coach people to the best of their abilities. Representing Parkour in a positive light. The community in Nottingham is varied, the age group engaging in the discipline ranges from around 13-30. Though the majority of practitioners are in their teens, there are many older people now getting involved. There is a real sense of comradery in training at the weekly jams, everyone is friendly and welcoming and willing to help anyone start or develop their skills.

We ask that you are the age of 13 or above to join practising with us, as long as you can make your own way to town and back home. The reason for this is you need an understanding of how to train and use the body without being too risky, and so no one needs babysitting either.

Ask any of the regulars and they’ll tell you that respect is given to those who put in effort, try hard and who are dedicated more so than anyone who is naturally gifted.

Our approach encompasses fitness, strength, health and morals as well as the technical aspects of the sport and discipline. The coaches are selected individuals from the Parkour community who have shown exceptional dedication, discipline and a willingness to help others.


Back Story.

A few months had past since the airing of Jump London. Zade had been training for a short while and was looking through various forums and web sites for more information about Parkour in Nottingham in hope of finding other people to practise with. Eventually, he came across a Parkour based forum on MSN and saw that there was a post from a Nottingham based practitioner. He then decided to meet up with him. From then on they have trained once a week and kept a look out for more people that might be into Parkour as much as we were.

A month or so later, a few UK based Parkour websites began to pop up on the internet and through this Zade discovered a few other people in Nottingham that were into Parkour and decided to drop them a message.

They all arranged to meet up once a week to train – that chosen day was a Saturday. In total there was six people, with a few more joining later. All the moves they learnt had to be self taught (most of the which people take for granted now days).

They spent a year training in the only spot they knew and thought was decent for training, which was UN (Broadmarsh NCP underpass). They spent most of their days, evenings and weekends training there. Before slowly venturing out into the city and using other areas for parkour.

A year later Zade decided to create this website so people could find out about Npk, have a base to see all what was going off, come and train and learn from each other. As well as other people that are into Parkour in different areas can get in touch with us.

For months, the Parkour scene was relatively quiet, with a few curious people willing to join in for a few jams. People came and went with no real regular faces at the training sessions.

However, since the airing of Jump Britain in 2005, District 13 in 2006, Casino Royale in 2006 and District 13: Ultimatum in 2009, the local interest in Parkour had exploded in Nottingham and we are now a well established feature within the city, with many people who know who we are and what we do.

Most of the people that have attended our regular Saturday jams come back time after time and say the Parkour vibe is really chilled, friendly and enjoyable to be apart of. Over the years the scene has changed and evolved much like the training style. People come and go, but there will always be regulars and someone there to maintain the community.


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