March 5th, 2005.



After it being one of those abysmal days where it rained and rained, the only place the community could train was under the Broadmarsh underpass, appropriately named Urine Nation (UN) to the locals. Piss Palace was another name for the dull and dreary place too. Even after the rain had passed and the sun came out, it was still far too damp too venture elsewhere.

There was a good turnout for the day, what with Jump Britain airing in January, it was still having an effect on the regular and newbies alike for the community training sessions. It’s odd as very few people have filmed a video, maybe clips but nothing fully edited, not to mention many of us didn’t have cameras to film on or any software to edit with. I suppose we are to busy training then documenting the events, other than photography.

The video below is from the day of training in question, it was edited by Mike (Sick Ed) and shows what went on and what him and the other guys did the second half of the day while at Highfields flipping. The edit, to say it’s basic, came out rather well and it’s nice to see members of the community moving and having something to show for what they do.




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